Antelope Island 1-1 Workshops (Weekend Year-Round)

Do you want to learn more about landscape photography but don’t have time for a multi-day workshop? Why not join me on either a Saturday or Sunday at the very photogenic Antelope Island State Park to hone your skills and capture the Great Salt Lake’s ethereal beauty.

I have been photographing this location for years and have come to know the Island very well. I return again and again because it provides great opportunities to follow the very best light, whether it’s East, West, North or South. The fact that we will be on an island allows us to read the weather and the sky to increase our chances of coming back with great imagery.


Along with showing you the Island, I will provide 1-1 instruction. We’ll begin with a discussion about your level of photography, find out the best subjects to focus on to improve YOUR specific skills and throughout the afternoon/evening I’ll tailor my teaching to these points. Common starting point subjects include; understanding F stop/aperture relationship, using ISO speeds to our advantage and different focusing techniques. When we have a good grasp of the fundamentals, we can move on and discuss how to use these to make the most of your images.

From here I’m able to begin the discussion around composition techniques, reading light, and the importance of pre-planning to make the most of whatever conditions are present, in other words, we can then focus on the creative side of the medium.


A potential location for the workshop sunset!


Price is $349

Depending on the time of the year our meeting times will vary (anywhere from 12-4pm), we will meet at parking lot at the entrance of the island. The total time expected to be on the island hiking/driving/shooting will usually be around 4 hours.

Due to my schedule being inconsistent a prior email is required to ensure I’ll be available on the weekend you would like to attend.

If you’re interested or would like to ask any questions, please send me an email via the contact link at the bottom of the page.

I hope to see you at the Island!!











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