Every image available to purchase as a print has been meticulously inspected by me to ensure they are of the highest quality. Throughout the image creating process; from taking the image, to processing, to presentation, I use any and all methods to ensure the end result will be an inspiring professional print. The prints include a Certificate of Authenticity and each is signed and numbered and printed exclusively in limited editions, once the maximum number is reached the image will never be reproduced again.


Your Landscape image will be printed on FujiFlex Crystal Archive paper:

FujiFlex is a high-quality archival printing material for producing vivid color super glossy color enlargements. FujiFlex is designed for natural well-balanced tonal reproduction, clear highlights, increased contrast, and great shadow detail. It allows an abundance of detailed reds, natural greens, and especially vivid yellows. FujiFlex has excellent smoothness and flatness which produces prints with superb gloss and great clarity.

FujiFlex is as archival as Fuji Crystal Archive, which is known as one of the longest lasting printing materials. The superlative permanence of FujiFlex is due to its environmentally resistant light-fast dyes and its extremely durable polyester base. Testing by Henry Wilhelm on the related Fuji FA5 Crystal Archive indicates a 60 year display life.


Your Wildlife image will be printed on FujiColor Crystal Archive Deep Matte paper:

Information regarding this type of paper directly from Fujifilm’s website

“Fujicolor Crystal Archive Professional Deep Matte Paper has been designed exclusively for digital output on large-format and Frontier laser printers, and provides you the opportunity to deliver output of great beauty and tremendous impact.¬† It’s unique matte surface provides elegant color reproduction with subtlety and warmth.”


Both paper types are among the highest quality available and are produced and designed to display images in their best form, they also have a very long lifespan and are resistant to fading.




Option 1: Images can be purchased as individual prints, rolled and shipped in a round tube. (care must be taken when removing) This gives the purchaser options when framing, although your WWP print is an investment and we recommend using a professional framing service.

Option 2: Prints mounted on glossy 1/8 inch deep acrylic, mounted and ready to hang out of box. This is a new and very popular way to display a fine art image. People are drawn to this vs the traditional display options because it presents a fresh and modern look. The acrylic mounted image looks great as a stand alone piece ready to hang, or they can easily mount inside a frame completing a modern and stylish alternative. The acrylic is lightweight and durable, easily shipped, and accents the beautiful colors presented by the archival Fuji papers available.


Left and right images 16x24". Middle image 24x36"



Each print will be inspected by the artist and is created on an individual basis, please allow 3-4 weeks to receive your WWP limited edition print.




Before any image is shipped to the purchaser it will be inspected by the artist to ensure it meets the highest standards. If for any reason your are unsatisfied with your Wayson Wight Photography print we will honor a full-refund as long as the item is returned in like new condition within 30 days of purchase. (shipping not included)



Your satisfaction is extremely important to me, if you have any questions regarding the printing process, images, or anything else please use the contact link. Thank you.