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When I was first beginning to craft my unique style of creating images, I realized early how much water can add dynamic to a landscape and was drawn to areas where I was able to include water in finding my compositions. This gallery is a collection of images in which water is the primary element.


I've found solace many times among the valley's and peak's of the Rocky Mountains. Whether it is a wandering meadow, thick forest, alpine lake, or icy stream, I find the mountains to be a place of great inspiration. Among this gallery are images I've created on treks with my camera in hand.
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A range of wildlife native to Utah, Wyoming and the surrounding ecosystems. Keep in mind your wildlife print will be printed on FujiColor Deep Matte Archival paper which is much better suited for wildlife prints.
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Images from my travels to warmer and wetter climates, a group of images I very much look forward to expanding.


The Desert is a place I've grown to love, with it's wide expanses and sometimes impossible silence. Here one will find images taken in all seasons across the deserts of Utah, including places like Bryce Canyon, Zion, Arches, Canyonlands, and Capital Reef National Parks.
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A variety of images that seemed best displayed in a 1x2 format.