The year in Review-2012

Wow. What a year it’s been. As we approach the new year I love to take some time to reflect on the prior 12 months, take some time to ponder personal successes, failures, challenges, and maybe even a lucky break or two that shaped the year into what it was. From a photography perspective 2012 was a great year. My website finally got finished and we had some prints sales scattered throughout the year. It’s an honor for me to have people enjoy these images enough to place them in their personal spaces! Thank you very much to all my new clients!!


I also hosted my first Annual Fall Photo Workshop here in my backyard of the Wasatch Mountains. A couple of great client’s signed up and I believe we all learned a lot along the way, and came away with some great images on the memory cards. I plan on hosting at least 1 more workshop in 2013, so if you’re interested feel free to watch this blog space, or my facebook page.


As far as creating new images, 2012 was by far my busiest year. I had a goal to get outdoors as much as I possibly could, and because I have a full-time job this meant getting creative with my free time and using vacation/holiday’s wisely. After many days spent in the field shooting I can confidently say I’ve never had a more productive year, it certainly was a great journey!!


Thank you to everyone who has shown interest in my photography, your support means a great deal to me, I’m still pursuing this as a profession so your continued support is a HUGE help in me reaching a life-long dream of mine. Again, THANK YOU!!!


Enough typing. I wanted to recap some of my favorite images that were created in 2012. These represent many miles of hiking, many minutes of contemplating where and when to go, and a lot of my favorite moments of 2012. Here’s to a great 2013 for all of us.




Ostler Peak Sunset, Uintas Mountains, Utah.

Bald Eagle along the Salmon River, Idaho

Travertine Cascades, Havasu River, Arizona.

A powerful Summer sunset, GSL, Utah.

Naturalist Basin, Uinta Mountains, Utah.

Mountain Cascade, Wasatch Mountains, Utah.

Coyote Gulch, Utah

Sun Dial Peak, Wasatch Mountains, Utah

Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah

Moonrise, Great Salt Lake, Utah

Alpine Pond, Wasatch Mountains, Utah

Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah.




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